Thursday, December 31, 2009


New Year's Eve was so much fun with all the snow we got. We bundled up the girls and headed out into our neighborhood for some sledding. One positive thing about living on a hill.
Clare was loving being pulled on the sled by Dad. She even fell face first during a crash and got right back on.

Clare playing with Carson but neither one could walk very well with their snowsuits on.
Clare chasing after the boys.

Washable Markers, Not!

"Look Mama, pretty." Clare said to me.
Clare was trying to put on make-up like me. It took three days to get it all off.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas - Round 4

We went to my Mom's house on Saturday, which by this time we were all exhausted. Fortunately, it was probably the most relaxing time we had. We finally had time to put together the Gingerbread house that we had since before Christmas and the girls enjoyed spending time with Grandma Nanni.
Clare helping Daddy but mostly just eating the candy.

One of few times Grandma gets to hold Leah without Clare in her lap. This is the Grandma Leah was named after.
Clare insisting that she sit by Grandma and didn't wanted her to put sister down.

Opening presents, which you can tell by Clare's face that she was done.
The final product, which Clare was excited to show Grandma.

Christmas Afternoon - Round 3

Christmas afternoon Grandpa and Grandma Strand came down to have dinner. It was a great time. The girls enjoyed spending time with their Papa and Grandma.
Leah enjoying relaxing with Papa.

Clare thanking Papa for the presents. We stayed in our pajamas all day.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning - Round 2

Christmas morning we spent just as a family of four. We had a great time playing with presents from Santa and opening stockings. Clare and Leah got a kitchen from Santa for Christmas.

Clare enjoying her kitchen with Daddy.

She was loving opening her stocking.

Leah enjoying sitting with Mom and reading.

Clare so excited for her first Barbie.

Clare telling us all about it.

Leah opening up her floor mat, which was a big hit.

Leah is always playing with her tongue, notice the look she is giving.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Service

We hurried home from Moses Lake Christmas Eve afternoon so that we could attend our church service. The girls were so cute in the dresses that Gradma Millican bought them.

Mommy and her girls.
Daddy and the girls.

Clare even had a dress for her cabbage patch, which was mine when I was little.
Clare wanted me to take a picture of her and sister.

Little Leah just relaxing.

Christmas Round 1

We had a total of 4 Christmas'. I had to work the week of Christmas out of town close to Moses Lake so we spent Christmas Even morning with Mitch's Mom. We had a great time with everyone.

Clare was so excited to get to open presents.

Leah content to be held by Mitch's mom.
Clare was too intrigued by the presents to smile for the camera.
Opening her first gift for Christmas 2009.

One of her favorite gifts was the a play food set. She was busy telling us all the pieces in it.
Daddy and his girls.
Clare helping Grandma prepare a Christmas time favorite, almond pastry.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ribs + Toddlers = Messy

We had our neighbors over for ribs one night and they have two little boys. Clare just loves playing with them and sitting at the "Big Kid" table as she refers to it. Clare is just 2 months older than Carson on the left and Jackson on the right is 3.

Carson loved the ribs and notice Clare in the background licking her bone clean.
Jackson was upset about Clare touching him with messy hands.

Carson on his third rib. There was sauce everywhere on the wall, table, and kids.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Claus

Can you guess who Santa is?

Leah doesn't have a care in the world that a stranger has her.

Clare on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him. Grandma had to quickly place Clare in his lap so we could get a picture. She wasn't his biggest fan. Clare kept saying all night, "Santa bye-bye, right? Santa bye-bye, right?" We asked her if he could come on Christmas and she said, "No Santa come, he stay home."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leah 2 Months

Leah is the best baby anyone could ask for. She is sleeping about 6 hours straight at night and only cries when she is hungry. The biggest issue we are facing is her not taking a bottle. She only will drink a couple of ounces all day. Her doctor's appointment went well and she is right on target. The Doctor wasn't too concerned about her not eating because her weight gain is fine, however, it isn't anywhere close to what Clare weighed at two months. She is very petite. She seems to be having some of the same skin issues Clare has but fortunately we know what to use and once we started them it cleared up. She is so mellow you wouldn't have even know she was in pain with her skin ailment. Here are her stats:
Weight -10lbs 5oz (34%)
Height - 21 1/2 (17%)
Head - 38 3/4 (49%)
Leah two months old with Grandma Bonnie.

Leah loves to be cuddled.

Of course, Clare couldn't be left out.

Lights On, Lights Off

Mitch and I were reading when the lights started to flicker.

Look who the culprit was!
I asked, "What are you doing?"
Clare said, "NOTHING."

She thought she would try it one more time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree

We continued our tradition of going up into the hills to cut our christmas tree since it only costs $5 for the tree permit. We went with two other families and had a great time. Sometimes I'm amazed at what Mitch and I do with the little ones. Clare rode in the backpack and I had Leah in the front pack. Of course, Mitch wanted to hike up a steep hill but it was well worth the trip up. Thankfully, this year we had other people to help carry the tree back down the hill.

The Happy Family before hiking the hill.
Finally, at the top of the hill with our tree.

The Mahugh Family

Clare unable to move in her snowsuit.
Still willing to give us a smile even though she can't move.
Enjoying some snacks with Mackinley.
Ready to go home with our tree.