Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had such a great Easter with our families. We decided to have Easter brunch at our house this year and it was so much fun having Grandpa and Grandma Strand, Grandpa and Grandma Milligan, and Uncle Lee over. We didn't dye any Easter eggs this year since Clare probably would have made a huge mess. She isn't the most gentle of children. Mitch filled some plastic eggs with various snacks and Clare had so much fun looking for them.

Clare and I looking through her Easter basket.
Clare not really liking the hat.
This is the best picture we got of her sitting still.
She was done after this picture.
The only picture we have as a family.
Clare playing with her new Easter present.
Here she was dancing to the Alphabet song.
Daddy and Uncle Lee helping her find eggs.
Oh look, I found one on my own.
Clare really liked it when she found the one with M&M's.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break in Arizona

We spent Mitch's spring break in Tucson, Arizona, with Mitch's grandparents. Clare knows them as Great Grandpa and Grandma Moo, since they were dairy farmers and Clare loves making the sound of a cow. We had a great time while down there. Grandma cooked a lot of great food. It was nice to get away and relax for the week. We went to the Tucson Zoo, saw the Colorado Rockies in spring training, went out to eat, went on a tour of the National park, and Clare met a lot of her Great Grandparents friends. She was a hit in the retirement community, especially since she would wave at everyone.
Daddy and Clare saying goodbye to Gage.
Taking a nap on the way to the airport.

She slept in the bathroom.
Cooling off!
Trying on one of the many outfits Great Grandma bought her.
Goofy grin with her Daddy's gap.
Clare would entertain herself by looking in this mirror all day long.
Enjoying a rest with Daddy.
Clare playing in sand for the first time and eating it.
She loves swinging, especially with Daddy.
Clare and Great Grandpa Moo, she loved to carry around the organges and lemons from the tree. She thought they were balls.
One of the many games she played with Great Grandpa.
Getting into trouble.
On our way into the zoo and enjoying the sunshine.
Here are the three ladies looking for the alligator.
Mitch, Great Grandpa, and Clare.
Clare and I posing by the tortoise shell, which is a replica of the one below.

Mitch was pretty amazed at the turtle.
Great Granpa and Grandma.
Clare enjoying swinging at the park.
Clare loved playing in a little duck on the porch.
Bonding with Great Grandpa.
Here is the face Clare gives when we ask her to say cheese.
Here we are getting ready to go on a tour of the National Park. Clare was in the back pack but you couldn't see her.
Clare wondering why Daddy put her in the bucket!
The three amigos!
Clare learned to wave on cue this trip. We obviosuly couldn't let her stand by herself since she was trying to touch the cactus.
Clare trying to milk the cow.