Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eczema :(

We have been dealing with a very bad case of eczema with Clare for the last two months (if you look closely in all her pictures you will see it on her arms and legs). She has gotten two bacteria infections in it and she has been on antibiotics on and off over the last couple of months. We have four different creams we have tried her on and I have even modified my diet to see if that works. We feel so bad for her because she is always itching it and her skin is so inflamed. The pediatricians aren't sure what is causing it and are finally sending us to a dermatologist. If you have any thoughts or suggestions we would appreciate it. We hope we find a cure for it soon so that Clare won't be so uncomfortable. We may even end up going to an allergy specialist if the dermatologists has no suggestions.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Shots

I love rolling around on my play mat.
I'm turning into a big girl. I like to hold my cup myself.

Here I am with the my Grandma doing my favorite thing eating.

I'm watching my Mom and Dad float in the pond at my G&G Gorze's house.

Here we are three generations, who would have guessed we are related ;)

Enjoying some quality family time.

I look like a midget next to my Grandpa.
I'm just hangin out with my pappa.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

5 Months Old Today

We can't believe how much Clare is changing. There are even some mornings when I go get her from her crib and she seems to have changed over night. She is a very determined and active little girl. We love her so much and love watching her discover new things.

She started rolling in both directions at 31/2 months. She now rolls all over the place and we are constantly having to pull her out from under things. She is scooting around by getting her knees under her and doing an army crawl. Her nose is pretty skinned up from rubbing it on the floor. She will sit for about 10 seconds on her own before falling over. Daddy is working really hard with her on this.

She loves to sit in her Exersaucer. She has become a pro at putting everything in her mouth. She is drooling like no other. We think she is about ready to cut her first tooth. She has started to giggle at thinks that her Dad and Mom do and makes new sounds everyday. The Doctor's can't believe how developed she is for her age.

We are still going to the doctor on a pretty routine basis to take care of her skin ailments. Poor little thing she is constantly trying to itch her arms, legs, and back of the head. It is hilarious to watch her scratch the back of her head. Did I mention how much we love her?

Clare has also become quite fond of Gauge, her dog. He comes and lays by her on the floor when she has floor time and she rolls over to grab at him. Every morning he goes into her room to make sure she is still here.

4th of July

We went to Moses Lake for the 4th of July. It was a lot of fun. Clare go to meet some of great aunts, great uncles, and second cousins. The weather was just right even though it rained earlier in the day. It kept it from getting too hot. We were all pretty tired and we didn't make it to watch the fireworks, maybe next year.
Here I am with my 4th of July dress on. My Grandma Nanni got it for me.
Daddy and I wearing our hats ready for our first adventure for the day, which was to go get Mommy coffee.

I'm such a thinker.

Her is my Dad, my Great Aunt Karin, and myself.

Here I am with my Great Grandma. She spoils me all the time with lots of goodies.

Eating Solids

Clare has started to eat solids. Her doctor gave us the go ahead at her 4 month appointment. She has had cereal, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and pears. She loves all of them. We were going to make her have all her green veggies before fruit but Mitch and I gave in. She is doing so well eating and we can't feed her fast enough. She also loves drinking water from a sippy cup.

Mom quit taking pictures, I want to eat.

I'm not quite sure about this?

What are you doing Dad? Mom usually feeds me!