Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clare's Best Friend

Clare just loves Gage and he is even starting to like playing with her, especially when she has food.

Gage staring intently for any crumbs to drop.
Clare is thinks Gage wants to give her a kiss but he really was trying to lick the cracker.
Enjoying some ice cream on the patio.
Gage waiting patiently to clean up after Clare.

Building a Firepit

Mitch built us a firepit in the back yard on the second terrace, which is really nice. Of course, Clare was throwing a fit because she couldn't be up there the whole time but Daddy let her help him at the end.

Daddy and his little helper.
Clare so proud of herself. Did you notice the pink cowboy boots? Grandma bought those for her on Thursday and she insisted wearing them all weekend even with her shorts and pajamas.
Clare seeing if Daddy is watching her so she can grab the shovel.
Clare trying so hard to use the shovel.
The finished product.

Our Big Girl

Clare isn't our little baby anymore. Everyday it amazes us all the new things she is doing. Today we had her 18 month appointment, which she weighed 23lbs and was 31 inches tall. She has leveled off on her weight gain but it is due to the fact that she is so active. The Doctor was very impressed by her verbal skills and her ability to recognize what objects were. She also was showing off for him by walking on her tip toes and running "fast" as she calls it. He was most impressed by the fact that Clare has started to use the potty all on her own. This was a shock for us as well. On Saturday, Mitch placed her on the potty and before he knew it she had actually gone "poopy", as Clare calls it, on the toilet and wasn't even scared. Since then she has gone pee a handful of times on the potty and is pretty good about going when we place her on it. Who knows maybe she will be easy to potty train? That would be nice so we don't have two in diapers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby #2 Update

This second preganancy has gone by rather fast and I can't believe I'm already at 33 weeks. Mitch and I have both been really busy with work and when we aren't busy working were chasing Clare around. It is amazing how prepared you are with the first one and then the second one you wait until last minute to take care of things. I'm definitely a lot bigger the second time around and the baby appears to be moving a lot more than even Clare did. Up until a couple of days ago, I was working full time still, however, this last weekend I started experiencing contractions. As a result, my Doctor put me on partial bed rest and I was told to cut back at work until I reach about 34 weeks. Since Tuesday, I've been working from home and trying to keep my feet elevated. I'm still not feeling the best but the contractions appear to have subsided. I go back in next Tuesday for an exam and to see if she will release me to go to Spokane at the end of the week for business. We will see. I would love to keep this baby in for at least three to four more weeks. Only, God knows the plan. We'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Cotton Candy

Clare tried cotton candy for the first time this year, which she loved just like her Daddy.

Can you tell by her lips what color it was?

Who do you think enjoyed it more, Clare or Daddy?