Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mini Summer Vacation

We went on a mini vacation this summer to Long Beach, WA.  This was our 3rd time going to the beach this year.  We went with the Oord family and stayed in this great little house about 3 blocks from the Ocean.  We had a great time just hanging out, going to the beach daily, walking downtown, riding Go-Carts, riding the Merry Go Round, and eating ice cream.

The girls enjoyed playing in the sand.

Leah is our little tomboy who loves getting dirty.

She was happy just running around with no shoes on and playing in the water.

Of course, Clare wanted her picture taken since Leah had her picture taken.

Clare enjoyed going on walks every day and especially likes it when she can ride on her Dad's back while eating her donut.

Clare went on the first ride without Leah, which made Leah very upset.  This kid is fearless and will do anything.

One of the rare family portraits.

Clare thought it was funny they were sitting in a frying pan.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Congratulations Uncle Clancey and Aunt Megan

Clancy, Mitch's middle brother, married Megan in July.  The wedding was really fun.  All of us except Leah were in the wedding.  It was a very long day but our girls did extremely well.  Clare pulled off her duties as the flower girl better than any of us could ask.  In fact, she was so meticulous that she literally bent over to set down every single rose petal.  She was going so slow that some people thought that she wasn't walking but she was just making sure each petal was just right.

 What does a 3 year old do while waiting for the wedding to start? She looks out the window down at all the guests arriving.
 Leah wasn't in the wedding but of course Grandma Bon Bon still had to buy her a pretty dress.
 Leah enjoying some Daddy and Grandma time.
 Three Handsome Men: Lee, Clancey, and Mitch
 Clancey all ready for the walk down the aisle.
 This flower girl job is tough.  I need a rest.
 Clare with her Uncle Clancey and Aunt Megan
 Clare enjoying visiting with her Great Uncle Ed and Great Grandpa Moo.
 Of course, you have to have cake.
 Leah and I dancing, she was getting pretty worn out.
 It was way past her bed time but she wasn't about to miss out.
Clare danced practically every song until the very end.