Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Little Cherry Eater

What happens when you take a 16 month into a Cherry Orchard? Daddy thought Clare would just stand there and watch, but of course she decided to help herself.

Do I have anything on my face? Hey, Dad could you wash my face better?

Alright, I'll just read until Mom gets home to clean me up!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ready, Set, Slide...........

Clare is fearless and very independent. She has always wanted to climb up and go down her slide all by herself, which she successfully does now most of the time.

Takes a little bit of effort to climb the ladder.
One of the rare times she is completely sitting down before sliding.
Uh, oh I'm losing my balance.

That's okay, it was still fun.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day this year Clare and I gave Daddy a new Bob Jogger and a cookbook with grilling recipes. Daddy and Clare have already went on lots of adventures with the new stroller. He got it a week early so he could use it when we went to San Francisco.

Clare showing Daddy his new book.
Daddy trying to love on Clare.

Clare was very proud of her card she gave Daddy.
She thought it was pretty cool that she got to write with a pen.

Friday, June 19, 2009

San Francisco

Daddy and Clare went with Mommy on a business trip to San Francisco. Daddy was a great sport and kept me entertained all day. The first full day there we went to Alcatraz and visited my Great Aunt Jan. Our trip to Alcatraz was a real adventure. I got to ride on a train for the first time, run along the pier, and take a ferry ride over to the island. On the second day we went swimming and walked along the bay by our hotel. It was a lot of fun. Daddy and I got to spend quality time together.
Excited to be on the train.
Daddy protecting me from the dark train tunnel.

Alcatraz from the ferry on the way over.

Getting off the ferry that took us to Alcatraz.
We finally made it!

Daddy taking my picture once again.

Our little jail bird!

Daddy and I on my first carousel ride.
I'm enjoying all the sunshine.
Walking along the pier.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Daddy's 10 Year Class Reunion Weekend

Mitch had his 10 year class reunion and it was packed full of many adventures. We left Saturday and headed to Lakewood. Our first stop was to visit two of Daddy's best friends from high school Troy and Jason. We then went to Chris and Lori's house since they were going to watch Clare for the night while we attended Mitch's class reunion. Lori is Mitch's second cousin and has two kids, Quinn and Riley, who Clare just loved playing with. On Sunday, we visited Cambrielle who is the daughter of Cameron and Katie. Mitch went to school with Cameron. In the afternoon, we attended a graduation party for one of Mitch's cousins and then drove up to Aunt Karin's to stay the night. We have fun visiting with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma on Monday. They took us out to breakfast in Silvana and then we played around their old farm. Finally, it was time to catch our plane to San Francisco. Clare did so well considering the fact that she was completely off her schedule.

Cameron and Cambrielle who is 1 week younger than Clare.
Cousin Lori holding Clare.

Clare cuddling with Mommy, which is a rare occasion.

It is amazing how kids find pleasures in the smallest things.
Clare resting after running around.

Clare and Daddy looking at the ducks on our walk with Aunt Karin.
Daddy and Clare posign in front of the bell in Silvana.

Who can resist this face?

Mitch and his Grandma Leola
Three generations!

Clare wanting Mommy to smell the flower.

Clare needing a little help from Dad on our walk.
Clare doing her favorite thing, which is to pick things up off the ground.
Trying to figure out what something was.

Great Grandma and Clare enjoying the wild flowers.
Mommy trying to show Clare how to blow on dandelions.