Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clare's First Day of Preschool

Clare started pre-school this year at Agapeland.  She was so excited to finally get to go.  When we registered her back in February she was ready for us to leave her at the class.  I was able to take her on the first day.  We read a book together for the first few minutes and then the teacher had Clare find her name in the circle.  She found her name and sat there so patiently, waiting for her next instructions.  I couldn't believe how brave she was and I was a little emotional walking out leaving her.

 She was all ready to go with her special Fancy Nancy backpack from Great Grandma Moo.
 She turning into a little girl before our very eyes.  It seems like just yesterday she was born.
 Daddy so proud of his little one.
We decided to treat her to Red Robin.  She was a little sad when I picked her up from Pre-School.  I asked her what was wrong, "A little girl told me mommies weren't coming back."  I reassured her that she wouldn't be left at Pre-School and we haven't had any tears since.

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